Your whole summer’s work put together in words

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when your summer vacations are about to end and it’s time for you to turn in your summer reading essay. Normally one would think that the reading part is the easy and fun filled part and the essay part is the difficult part. But if the reading part is done more thoroughly and seriously, then the essay part becomes a little less difficult.

Starting to read with the essay already on your mind can be a good approach. Make sure you pay attention to the details as you do not want to miss out on important quotes and underlying themes in your essay. Take notes on the side of the book. When done reading the book, revise the whole book to clear any ambiguities.

It’s important to choose the essay question wisely. It should be phrased such that it allows you use your maximum knowledge. However, be careful that you start answering your question straight. Do not restate the plot of the whole reading to start with. Identify the theme and explain how the writer has explained it in the reading. Then give your own opinion about the theme and move towards your arguments.

Your arguments form the core of your writing assignment. If the validity of your arguments is not supported by the text, then your essay becomes sort of pointless. Make sure that you make your arguments in a clear and strong way so that you can make a strong impression on your supervisor.

Try to make your essay as unique and interesting as possible. Remember that your supervisor may have checked a lot more essays in his/her career and might be checking multiple essays at the time of your essay submission. So to score an A, your essay would have to stand out from the lot. Use of clichéd introductory words and plain explanations of events would not make your essay wrong, but at best it would earn you a B. There is no need to state what your main characters are or what the story plot is. Your supervisor already knows that. So remember that uniqueness and innovation hold the key.

Finally, try to connect the theme to the real world. Find analogies in the history and current affairs of the real world. This increases the impact of your arguments.

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