Writing good essays without opting for writing websites

Essays have their own way of delivering their formations, structure and genre differ from other different forms of writing; they are different from storytelling and are based around developing different angles of an argument and then providing your own face of opinion after weighing down all the possibilities. An essay by nature is either a descriptive attempt to a certain situation, a critical review of an issue or a set of debatable points on an agenda.
Numerous articles talk about how to write a good essay, insights on to writing great content for essays, however, very few provide a secret to what not to do while preparing and writing the essay. This article will provide some great insights on mistakes that should absolutely be avoided, making sure that students stay away from buying their paper from an essay writing sites and save some money.


• The first and the most basic mistake that people do without really knowing it is to fill up pages and provide baseless arguments for the sake of word limit. They somehow have to ensure the essay contains enough words given in the instructions, what they don’t realize is too many arguments and haphazard writing for the sake of finishing an essay with number of words creates a confusing sketch and also can prove to be a vaguely formed write up on a specific topic and also creates a problem when trying to come to a closure since the topic has become so deformed providing an opinion and conclusive becomes a hard task.

• Second mistake which is very common and something can be easily avoided is trying to impress your readers by writing  jargons and complicated English. An essay is a descriptive attempt for a layman; jargons and complicated non-authentic English does not only become hard for readers to understand but also becomes disengaging. Basic English with brilliantly structured sentences is enough to impress your readers.

• Finally trying to fit in content taken from the internet. Essays that contain originally developed argument based on research and references rank high among the appreciation meters, taking direct content from internet damages the credibility of a good essay.
Instead of wasting money and time, giving a proper thought process, using a process of brainstorming and planning before beginning to write as well as avoiding mistakes like above can help students craft out a great write up without having to put too much of an effort.

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