What are the traits that makes a fantastic writer?

Before we understand what makes a good writer, we need to determine what, in fact, makes a writer. A writer basically, writes. Writing is not just an activity; it is a form of representation of what one understands, in written script. Ideas co-ordinated into words make a writer. Therefore, what actually makes a good writer is good co-ordination of ideas into better words. Being coherent well versed, co-ordinated, and focused in one’s ideas and understanding makes a good academic writer. However, writing is not just words and ideas; it is presentation of those words and ideas in a manner that the reader or the audience receives, perceives and understands what the writer intends to communicate. A good writer understands the impact; his writing will have on the reader, as it is a form of socializing as well as conceiving interpretations.

A good writer is definite and determined, as he may need to rewrite his work several times over during the process of proofreading and editing. expert writerA good writer is not just a good writer but he is also an involved and objective as well as subjective observer and learner, as good writing comes with patience persistence, constant hard work, and diligence on the part of writer. Clarity and morality in a writer make his work more appealing, intelligible, and communicable for the reader as the audiences relate themselves in the writings they come across. An expert writer makes sure his work is logical and grammatically correct, as it is a writer’s responsibility to make sure the effectiveness and livelihood of language as it takes the form of script. A good writer is always very well organised and fully equipped with enough vocabulary and ideas to incorporate the task assigned to him.

He is not only attentive and innovative, but is also flexible towards writing techniques. He is open to suggestions and editing chances as well as he may have to keep in mind not only his task but also the responsibility he has towards the ethics of writing and the audience receiving his work. a good writer always writes not only to write but also to introduce, involve and generate new thought patterns among the readers. Writing is not just for producing written material but there are social and moral obligations relegated or promoted through written work, evidences of which we find throughout history. Hard work, innovation, and commitment make a good writer. As a writer and more importantly as a good writer, one must always keep in mind that words can make or break a reality and identity; such is the impact of a piece of writing on its audience.

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