Results Of Socialization On Women’s Expectations

Socializing is indeed very important for women in an organization, I even have the need to socialize with my co-workers on a regular base, if I don’t do that then I would be considered as a person who is not social able, a person with an attitude and has an ego. And when the time comes for a promotion, my boss is going to think twice before I receive one.

With the help of work teams and groups, the organizations are now restructuring their work activities, tasks and processes and all these activities know mostly revolves around work teams. There is an increase in the organization’s productivity and there is an increase in the organization’s performance as well. And this can help women to grow and move up within the organization.

I have seen that organizations now days are using teams so that they can achieve coordination, which is now considered as a main part of the company’s formal structure. And teams also help with encouraging involvement of employees within the company. When there is employee involvement through teams, it helps to bring the employees from the lower levels of the hierarchy, in the decision making process. Most teams go through systematic stages of development and team conflict is a part of the team’s development.bas

If a women is working in a large corporation or a small one, everywhere it is seen that that role of a woman is changing and that they are given the respect that they deserve. It has been seen that the organizations are adapting to this change in a reasonable manner, where they treat men and women equally and nobody is given a special treatment of any sort.

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