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There are many writing companies that state a certain price and then once you proceed with placing your order, they begin to inflate prices through hidden charges or claiming certain taxes. We believe that this affects the trust of customers. Our representative will take comprehensive details about your assignment in order to inform you timely if your order requires certain additional charges or not. Once our representative has assessed a final price and you have made your payment, we will not claim any further hidden charges or taxes from you. However if before the delivery of the order you request for a change in the way the assignment was initially required to be done then there is a possibility of additional charges that you might need to pay. Also if you require certain additional service such as an abstract page to be written summarizing your assignment or demand a plagiarism report, this may also result in additional charges for your order. We believe in a trustworthy relationship with our customers by revealing all necessary details to our customers to ensure continuous improvement in our quality of services.

Disclaimer: The services provided are meant to assist the buyer by providing a guideline and the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes.