Results Of Socialization On Women’s Expectations

Socializing is indeed very important for women in an organization, I even have the need to socialize with my co-workers on a regular base, if I don’t do that then I would be considered as a person who is not social able, a person with an attitude and has an ego. And when the time...
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Hyper competition as an Excuse for Lazy Managers Who Are Unwilling to Study the Environment

Hyper competition is when there is the inflow of new technologies in the market that it forces a greater inflow of standards and rules. In order to keep up with hyper competition companies and firms have to compete in terms of quality and price and need to keep offering...
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Assumption of profit maximization is a powerful driving force for many organizations

Usually the aim of all organisations and their purpose of existence are to maximize profits unless it is a non-profit organisation. Every company and organisation wants to run on a profitable basis so as to get maximum advantage. The main objective of the business is profit...
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